Double Sided Replacement Small Feather Flag


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Double Sided Replacement Small Feather Flag

Feather Flag Banners

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1 . Payment received through PayPal / Credit Card over the Phone 2. Regarding the design specifics, a design form will be sent out to your e-bay e-mail address to fill out 3. Once we get the form filled out, one of our designers will be working on the project and will send 2-3 proofs for confirmation 4. Once confirmed, your order will be printed and shipped out with a tracking via FedEx

Product Quality

We know you have a lot of choices when it comes to your advertising flags. What makes our feather flag banners your best choice is premium quality materials such as our FLEXIBLE FIBERGLASS POLE, which extends all the way to the end of the flag so your message will always be readable, with or with out the wind! Also our ground stakes and x-bases contain a ROTATING BEARING that allows your flag to maneuver with the wind, eliminating any problems the wind may cause to your advertisement. We only use PREMIUM QUALITY POLYESTER and the most up to date DYE SUBLIMATION printing process which guarantees a long lasting print in rain or sun. Our feather flag banners are the highest quality available for the prices that we offer. Please let us bring more customers to your business by purchasing one of our premium stock flags today! Starting at only $89 for the full kit!


1. What are the flags made of? Our flags are all made of a premium polyester fabric that allows it to blow with the wind or stand on its own. 2. When I purchase a single sided feather flag banners, what is on the reverse side of my flag? The image we print on your flag will show through and you will see it in reverse. 3. Are the double sided flags one solid piece of fabric? Yes, our double sided flags are three layers of fabric sewn together so mounting will be the same process as mounting a single sided banner. 4. When I purchase a double sided flag, will the images on the other side show through? No, there is a third layer of fabric in between the front and back layers of fabric. This stops light from shining through but is designed to still keep open in the wind. 5. Are my flags under warranty? Can I purchase a warranty for my flags? We don’t offer a warranty because after a few years the flags will need to be replaced, the amount of time depending on the usage. We do however offer replacement flags for a greatly reduced price. If you’d like to order completely new flags and kits, we do offer discounts to repeat customers! 6. Do I need wind for my flag to be visible? No, our style flags are viewable with or without wind! 7. Can I machine wash my flag? Can I wash it at all? Yes, you can wash your flags but only soap-less hand washing is recommended. If your flag fades or gets dirty we offer replacements at a greatly reduced price! 8. How do I get the artwork I want on my flag? Please email your Ideas to: or call us at 832-804-6781 9. How much does it cost to have my flag designed the way I want it? The design is TOTALLY FREE! It doesn’t matter what you’d like on your flags, we offer the design free because we want you to love your flags! 10. What if I don’t have a fully developed design idea for my feather flag banners? That’s okay! Our design team is here to design the feather flag banners for you! 11. Can I put my company’s logo on the flag? Yes, you can! Please send us your best, highest resolution, copy of your logo. The best formats are EPS, AI, and PDF files but we will work with any format that is useable. Other well known formats include JPEG, PNG, GIF, TIFF, DOC, PPT, PSD, TXT, IND and a few more. We will give our best rendering of your logo, it is usually very close if not exact. 12. Can I use Images on my flags? Images with a high enough resolution can be put on the feather flag banners. If you send us the file, we can tell you if it is useable. If you don’t have a picture but want one, we have an account with If you find a picture you like, take down the ID number, we can download it for your for an additional fee. Pictures usually cost $15 to $20 Depending on how many you want to download. 13. What’s the difference between the Ground steak and X-Base? How do I order an X-Base? The ground stakes need to have actual ground, dirt or grass, to be mounted. They pound into the ground and then you mount your feather flag banners on them. The X-Base is free standing and can be put anywhere. You can order an X-Base directly from us by calling 832-804-6781 emailing us at 14. How many days will it take for my flags to arrive? It usually takes 5-10 business days from date of design approval for your to receive your flags, when shipping to the continental US. We can usually complete the design process within 1-2 days. (For international shipping info, see below) 15. Do you ship internationally? Can I purchase your flags if I do not live in the US? We are happy to make custom feather flag banners for anyone who would like to purchase from us, however the shipping charge will have to be paid separate from your order and the rates will vary. The delivery time for your flags will also be affected by the distance you are from our location. We are located in Houston Texas. 16. How can I pay for charges outside of my shopping cart? We take all major credit cards and can process them by sending you a link in an email, via PayPal, or we can take your info over the phone and charge your card here. Please do not email us your Credit Card Information!!! We ask this for your protection. If you cannot call us, please send us an email and we will work out another method of payment. We do accept checks but we will wait for payment on the check to clear before we begin production. Please do not mail us any cash or email us your credit card number. If you’re local, you can always come to the shop to pay.